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Art, Charity, and Kittens

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Art, Charity, and Kittens

I’m sure not many would disagree with me when I say:  it is incredibly easy to get overwhelmed by all the ugliness in the world. It’s maddening to know I don’t have the money or power to make a real difference.  I am, however, fortunate enough to work from home, and able to foster homeless animals as a way to help.

I know, I know, helping a few homeless animals in the grand scheme of things is a drop of water in an ocean of droplets.  I really believe though, that compassion, empathy, and the willingness to help is our only hope. 

So, as my tiny contribution to the world, I am, again, taking on some homeless animals this week.

This time is a little different than before, because these animals are not from a rescue, but a friend whose family farm found a litter of four cats they didn’t want.  

So, I’m taking this job on myself!  (Yes, I am nuts.)

I have my office converted into a kitten room, and have their first vet visits scheduled.

As you can imagine, this isn’t going to be cheap, so I figured I’d work some overtime and make …. you guessed it - some cat paintings!

These little whimsical paintings are 5x5” and done on a thick, 1.5” canvas. They’re perfect for placing on a shelf because they stand up on their own.  

They are $35 each, and proceeds will go towards the care of these kittens.  You can purchase these on my 'Available Artwork' page, under 'Whimsical Series'. 

As soon as they are vetted and are given a clean bill of health, I will be looking for adopters!  Anyone want a kitten?  (You must agree to have it fixed, and agree to not declaw).





** Update: The kittens are here, and of course, they all have eye infections!  As soon as they're treated, I'll take more photos.