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A Happy New Year to You!

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Hello Friends!

As usual, I’m incredibly thankful for you supporting me through yet another year of this fantastically weird, awesome, and tumultuous career of mine.  Being that this is a self-run, solo career, I depend on you to keep my inspirations high, to offer me advice, and to generally help me stay grounded when things get tricky!

A few quick announcements about 2018 from me:

First, a few weeks from today, I’ll be heading off to paint on location in sunny San Diego. (This couldn’t come at a better time, being that I work up to a temperature of -15ºF this morning.) I’ve never been to CA, and am excited to explore this place people seem to love so much!  To see what I’m working on when there, follow me on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/vansickleart/, or on Instagram: @jillvansickle.

Secondly, because I spent the majority of 2017 doing commissions, I will be slightly raising my prices in 2018. Though commissions are fantastic, if I never get the time to explore new ideas and make my own work, my business (and my art) will ultimately suffer. I’m shocked I took a trip to Jordan this year, (a lifelong goal of mine) and haven’t had any real time to process and paint my impressions of the place!  

Also, I’m soon turning the big 4-0 (wha?), and should probably start saving for my old age (*wink wink*).  All work created prior to 2018 will stay the same price, so no need to worry if you’ve had your eye on something I’ve already painted.

I hope 2018 is your absolute best year yet!  


And props to my 2017 staff: